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Quran for Java Enabled Mobiles
Quran Large Fonts for java/Symbian Mobiles (Download)

Quran Lite ffor old small screen java enabled Mobiles
Pocket Quran Lite for Mobiles (Download)
Quran Lite for Mobiles (Download)

Quran Large font for Symbian Mobiles
Installation Instructions
1. Go to app manager in settings.
2.go to options>settings change software Installations to All.
3.Change Online certificate check to off.
4.Change mobile date to 12-12-2010.
5.Download and install this file (Click Here).
6.Start using quran and change back mobile date.
Quran Large Fonts for Symbian Mobiles (Download)

Quran for Andriod Mobiles
Quran Andriod Mobiles (Download)

Quran for Blackberry Mobiles
Quran Blackbarry Mobiles (Download)

Quran with Translations for java enabled Mobiles
Quran with English translation for java/Symbian Mobiles (Download)
Quran with Urdu translation for java/Symbian Mobiles (Download)